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3/22/2023: Temporary Line DB and DB1 Stop Moves

3/20/2023: Decoto Road at Cabrillo Court Stop Closed

12/15/2022: AC Transit Announces Dumbarton Corridor Construction Start

About the Service

The Dumbarton Express is an all-day, limited stop bus service that takes riders from the East Bay to the Peninsula via the Dumbarton Bridge. With two bus routes, the DB and the DB1, riders can get almost anywhere within Palo Alto. Hop on the bus, pay fare with your Clipper Card and give your car a break!

The bus can take you to downtown Palo Alto, the Palo Alto VA Hospital, Stanford Hospital or Stanford University, the Stanford Research Park, Caltrain and more locations through out Palo Alto. Commute with us!

Current Fares: 

Transbay Fares 
Adults: $6.00
Youth/Senior/Disabled: $3.00

Local Fares
Cash: $2.50; Clipper: $2.25

Cash: $1.25; Clipper: $1.12

Click here for more detailed information on DB fares, Clipper discounts and Passes.


Bus Features
In addition to free wifi, Dumbarton Express buses are equipped with ramps (for wheelchair/mobility aid users, or anyone who has trouble climbing steps). Friendly drivers, clean buses and comfortable seats help make your ride across the bridge pleasant.

Local Service Areas
In the East Bay, local service is offered along the entire route between the Union City BART station and the Ardenwood Park & Ride Lot. On the Peninsula, local service is provided along the entire route between Stanford Research Park and Hamilton/Willow Rd.

Weekday-Only Service
The Dumbarton Express does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays. During the week, service on both lines is from approximately 5:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. with buses about every 20 minutes during peak travel periods. Check the DB schedule or the DB1 schedule for exact times.

The service does not run on the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

About the Bus
The Dumbarton Express service consists of two bus lines, the DB and DB1, both originating at Union City BART. It is administered and governed by AC Transit, with oversight by the Dumbarton Bridge Regional Operations Consortium (DBROC), comprised of AC Transit, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (BART, SamTrans, and Union City Transit. Operated and maintained by MV Transportation, the Dumbarton Express is funded by Regional Measure 2.

Civil Rights Notice
As the administrator and governing agency for the Dumbarton Express, AC Transit is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, its services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. AC Transit also complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires transportation providers to make reasonable modifications to ensure programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities. For more information on AC Transit’s civil rights programs and the procedures to file a complaint, please contact us: · (510) 891-5470 · TDD/TTY 711 · AC Transit Customer Relations, 1600 Franklin Street, Oakland CA 94612

121 thoughts on “Commute with Us

  1. This bus exists for the riders. If a BART train is arriving at the station and it is 8:01, the bus should wait for the riders from BART instead of pulling out on the stroke of 8:02. This happened two days in a row. These buses can easily make up a minute en route. Leaving several riders to wait 20 mins for the next one when in actuality, they would have made the bus if it had waited for the stroke of 8:03, is frustrating for us who are taking this bus. The last bus, 8:38, should also wait until the stroke of 8:39. I will also call the Stanford transportation dept w this complaint.

  2. Today I’m heading to the Stanford oval for the DB and was surprised that the bus was taking off at 3:52pm rather than 3:54pm. I have been catching this bus since the December change. I ask thank the bus driver for waiting as I ran to catch it and asked”the bus no longer departs the Oval at 3:54pm?” His was reply was “No the schedule chane it’s 3:52pm now.” So I puzzled, I check the DB website, the paper schedule and the Stanford transportation site. And I do t see anything that supports the schedule change. I’m very concern has a passenger who is dependent on public transportation. If there has been a change the communication needs to be better. If there has not been a schedule change please talk to your bus driver of Bus 96004 on 01/31/13. I would like some type of response back. Thank you!

  3. DB left Stanford Oval today Friday February 1st 2013 at 4:33pm! It is scheduled to leave at 4:37pm! I was almost at the bus stop and the bus driver drove away! Please ensure that bus drivers leave on the appropriate designated time a listed on the bus schedule.


  4. Arrived at Stanford Oval at 303pm…Bus #96003 (license 8U83618) had engine running for 20+ minutes. No sign of 305pm departure bus from Stanford Oval. Bus #161 just arrived…and has now left again. Because 305pm bus was a no-show or no-go, the bus is completely full leading up to PA Caltrain. Very unfortunate that 305pm is not on-time or on NextBus grid.

  5. I waited an hour hr for my bus in Palo Alto the last 2 weeks, the bus was to be at my stop at 7:15, the DB2, showed an hr late. I would appreciate you guys tell us that you change your schedule on Fridays

  6. On Mar 26th, the 9:52 bus westbound to Palo Alto is NO SHOW at Union City Bart Station!!!

    You DON’T just cancel the bus without notifying or any ride alert!

    What a crap!

  7. You don’t just cancel one ride and let people wait for one fucking hour!
    8:52 bus is no show at union city Bart station!

  8. I have to say this is the least reliable bus service I have ever had to use. My morning ride to work is great, but it is always a gamble on the way home. I’m never sure if the drivers will be on time or if they will even stop where they are supposed to. When they do stop, I’m never sure of the treatment I will receive. I have complained and, each time, things may improve for a day or two, but then it’s right back to normal. I wish there were some other way for me to get where I need to go. I would gladly use it.

  9. I arrived at the Bart station stop on Tuesday, June 11th at 5:18pm. Although I was almost 5 minutes early, the dumbarton express 1 line was no where to be found. After calling #511, I learned that it had already left. I rely on the schedules and would appreciate it if the busses remained on schedule. Thank you very much.

  10. Bus number 10 departing VA Palo Alto @ 3:28 pm. The driver is unprofessional, he spoke loudly to the trainee in his native tounge a majority of the ride and according to law employees are not to speak their native tounge unless the job requests for bilingual. He paid very little attention to the road and for the first 15 minutes of the ride he had the heat on. Finally when other passengers complained he turned on the air and focused on the road. I usually like riding the bus but today made me very nervous and scared.

  11. So I rode the DB bus today from Caltrain Station to Union City. I usually pay with my clipper card and this morning I paid with my clipper card so I know I still have 5 bucks in my card because it show your balance whenever you use your card. On my home, I scan my card and it beep twice and I know when it beep 2 different tone it’s a warning that you need to load your card for future use but the driver said when it beep twice you don’t have funds in your card and if it beep once your good to go! Please train your drivers, I mean other driver know it but it cost me almost 9 bucks. I just paid her AGAIN with cash because I don’t want to argue her.

  12. 7/17/13, the DB bus which departured at 0942 from Union city towards stanford oval was widely early than the schedule! On the schedule the bus should be leave Adenwood at 0956, but she leaved at 0951, 5 mins early. It should leave palo alto Caltrain at 1029, the bus leaves at 1018. 10 mins early than the schedule! Imagine those people depend on public transportation, they can’t catch the bus! Can somebody inquire that bus driver, why she was driving crazy fast, and off the schedule wild early? Hope it would not happened again! Pls respond to my email, I would like some respond. Thanks!

  13. The dumbarton express leaves EARLY from union city station. Stranding all of the passengers who get off the bart that arrives 1 minute before it takes off. This needs to be changed.

  14. License plate on bus is 1152588

    Female (overweight) bus driver driving rather badly on Deer Creek Road this morning at approx 9:05 a.m. between Arastradero and Page Mill roads in Palo Alto. I pulled out of Page Mill Pastures with plenty of room, she was way up the hill still, coming down towards Page Mill Riad, she didn’t bother trying to slow down at all to the speed limit, she drove up quickly behind me, tailgating me, and had to drive in the middle turn lane, almost alongside me as though she was going to try to pass me! Very reckless. Then, she stopped alongside me at the light so she could turn right on Page Mill, I was going to turn left, and we both visibly “yelled” at each other. Very poor performance representing your organization.

  15. Whoever the guy driver for the this morning was real rude to my kids they was standing at da door he closed it in there face and was gound to pull off on them til i got out of the car and my Daughter was like what but he looking at them the whole time.some of your drivers are just so rude if they some like there job then they need to find a new one.

  16. I take the Dumbarton Express db1 daily to work. The first rule of any public transportation should be reliability imho and db1 fails miserably. For example, db1 simply did not show up two times at the VA in Palo Alto where I work. This month, October, it no-showed 2 x. Per the drivers, the reasons presented were the bus mechanical problem and employees not showing up to work. There is also a particular driver whom us riders call “the maniac” whom ALWAYS drives wrecklessly, frequently yelling out at other drivers with insults and profanities, and almost caused accidents on several occasions. She is an accident waiting to happen, literally.

    My understanding is that many riders have called in and have complained to your managem7ent but was reportedly rebuffed.

    Let me make it clear that Dumbarton Express is a very poorly managed bus company. My message is this: if you cannot run it with minimal professionalism, get out of this business and leave it to someone who can.

    Mike Lee

  17. Seriously the bus for DB line today passed me…was in the 3rd lane like it didn’t even plan on stopping…now I’ll be late for work…awesome…

  18. How is it that the DB can charge patrons to ride buses that are leaking in at least a dozen areas on the inside??? This is not the first time this has happened!!!!! This is utter nonsense!!!!

  19. The DB eastbound bus headed towards Stanford university arrived at Ardenwood Park & Ride at 7:05am today.

    Everyone boarded and the bus closed the door and started to pull away. There was a girl who ran up to the bus right next to the door and yet the bus driver sill tried to drive away! And even said “she is about to run in front of the bus” when clearly the girl was on the side of the bus.

    For the year and a half that I’ve been taking DB, most of the drivers are nice enough to still let you board even if you’re not there right on time. Here, the driver didnt even turn around the Ardenwood lot yet! She just left the girl standing there and drove away. All of the passengers on board even asked why didn’t you let her board! The driver didnt say anything.

    Check your driver for April 2nd, 2014 DB scheduled bus driver from Union City Bart departure line at 6:52am.

    Dumbarton needs to reevaluate the attitudes and behaviors of drivers.

  20. When you use public transportation.itnsead of driving, riders depend on the bus being on time. There are 10 riders here at Uion City BART that are waiting for a bus that is over 20 minutes late. This is completely ridiculous!!!!

  21. Today, U was waiting for DB1 bus at Ardenwood Park and Ride and the bus that was supposed to be here at 7:51 didn’t show up. I had been waiting since 7:35 till 8:10. Then suddenly it showed up at 8:10. When I enquired the operator about the whereabout of the 7:51 bus, she very rudely replied, ” We are the 7:51 bus”.

    I think DB/DB1 are the worst managed routes of A/C transit. A lot of people living in EastBay and working in Palo Alto who are sensitive about global warming depend on these lines to go to work everyday. I sincerely request the management to take a look into the management of these routes and take appropriate action.

  22. DB your bus driver on 6/11/14 for the 6:55am departure from Union City towards Stanford (black woman driver) really needs to learn some common courteousy. She doesn’t park to the side of the stops and makes passengers get on the bus in the middle of the road. She’s also rude and one of the most unfriendly drivers. I’ve been taking DB everyday for year and a half and there has been more if not friendly but professional and courteous drivers. This is the same driver who pulled away without letting a passenger on the bus when the passenger was on time and te bus hasn’t even pulled away from the bus stop. DB your agency is a service provider of transportation to the commuters and exists for the passengers. Reevaluate your drivers and have them go through training, especially what it means to be service oriented and basic customer service needs of courteousy and professionalism.

  23. Can you please ask the driver to stop texting and driving. I am on the bus right now DB1 #163 at 9:22am on July 22, 2014 and the driver is constantly braking hard and causing the bus to jerk because she is constantly looking down at here phone. I have pictures and video to prove this and of something’s happens while I am on this bus you can expect a lawsuit.

    Paul L Miller

  24. The 7:30 pm westbound bus on 8/13/14 that hits the Menlo Park VA Medical Center didn’t even bother to stop. It slowed down on Willow, as to think about it, and just kept on going. There were four of us clearly waiting.

  25. Hi I would to give my thoughts about riding the DB to and from Stanford hospital. I commute from San Leandro and my employer encourages me to use public transportation, to be green! So I have been, although almost every day I we are late the bus driver arrives 10min late and then takes his time to depart! This is not good for me nore the rest of the people who ride to work. I feel something needs to be done. Either a new driver or a few minutes earlier. The bus I am on know is #165 west bound and has come late again! Not to mention last night on my way back there was no 7:30 pm bus and the 8 pm was also late. I did not get home till almost 10pm I get off at 7:25. Please help us all so we continue to ride public transportation or we will be forced to drive in order to avoid being punished at work for arriving late. Thank you Sam

  26. Bus left ten minutes early 😡left 6-7 people usual passengers waiting. Very frustrating db can not get there timing right!!!!

  27. 10/1 11:39am bus is a no show.. got here 25 minutes early too so there’s no way I missed it due to it arriving early. It just never showed up.. What the hell?? I had an interview I needed to get to and this was the only bus that could get me there!!

  28. DB is not on time per the schedule you have on your website nor the schedule you have at the bus stop. Have some pride in your craft and show up for the task at hand.

  29. I’m a everyday rider. When can we expect weekend Sevice over the bay. I would greatly appreciate it. I work over the weekends. Thanks 4 your service through the week & maybe the weekends soon. Let me know of changes to happen. Thanks again, Ray V.

  30. The same bus driver , middle aged black man , has been late for many times. Today he arrived at Ardenwood park and ride at 6:09am instead of 6:05am. For us going to work, every minute counts.I hope somebody do solve this big problem.

  31. REALLY Really scary this morning on bus 647. With the driver screaming at passengers about his pay and how this fleet is the oldest in the east bay. And arguing with a passenger about the time table.

  32. Bus 160 at 6pm is driving prettt crazy, cutting people off, driving in turn lanes just to cut more people off

  33. Bus 160 at 6pm in menlo park is driving prettt crazy, cutting people off, driving in turn lanes just to cut more people off

  34. left home at 6:30 am to catch 7:26am bus at pal alto transit center and according to nextbus map it went through it. I did not see it though. next bus will be 8:42 which probably won’t show till after 9am. is it possible to have 8am bus instead of 8:42 and 8:56 which usually show up together after 9am ? my commute this morning is now 4hrs.

    thank you for your help.

  35. Today 4-7-11 the DB1 on Decoto and Ozark River Way going to VA Palo Alto left me. It was 6:22am when I’m walking from my car to the street and watch the DB1 ZOOM past me speeding. The bus was early, it did not wait and now I am late for work.
    How is it you arrive early, but don’t stop at the bus stop? I’ve been in the rain 45min. All cold and wet
    This was not acceptable.

  36. Please remind your bus drivers DB1 from Union City Bart to Palo Alto VA hospital there is a bus stop at Ozark River Way and Decoto River Way in Fremont.

  37. Is there a way to report a bus not running part of their route? The DB1 occasionally skips the Hillview loop (in front of VMWare/SAP), but passengers report that it is stopping at the VA.

  38. A driver was erratically driving across willow road towards the bridge at 6:40pm. She nearly ran several cars off the road forcing her way into a right lane without a blinker. Her information is bus 639, CA54849 and license plate 1018834.

  39. I am a regular user of the Dumbarton Bus line and I have been very disappointed on your service, especially recently. Your busses are rarely on time, you have new bus drives that dont consider the time table per designated bus stop, and last but not least your busses are extremely uncomfortable. I have been 30 minutes late for the past two weeks for work because of your untimely service and this is unacceptable.

    I suggest spending more time training your bus drives before you allow them to officially drive people, or have more consistency with those who manage to consider your time table.

  40. I want to say overall Dumbarton Express provides a good service . AM Dispatcher and GM are very helpful and provided me with excellent customer service.

  41. Waited from 7:11-7:57 on a Wednesday night. No bus came as scheduled. Had to take a cab home. Thanks a lot. Lost a customer.

  42. Db1 service in morning from Union city to Palo alto generally goes pretty well

    Unfortunately between the hours of 630to 8:00 its like there’s a service blackout in the eastward direction. There has literally not been single bus passing el Camino and page mill for the last hour. I would urge riders to not attempt to catch a bus between that time interval as you will be waiting until the very last bus

  43. The driver of the db 325 bus the number today was 640 is a horrific driver, she has been late the last 3 days. Yesterday we did not arrive to arden wood until 433. And that was NOT because of traffic. As a commuter 20 minutes makes a BIG difference in my commute. It delayed my commute to tracy almost 60 minutes. I have 2 kids one of whom HAS to be to football practice by 6 pm if not he hets punished by having to do harder workouts than the rest of the team. That is not fair he suffered yesterday due to your driver. Please do something with her.

  44. To whom it concerns;
    I am an avid rider and this tlist the last straw. The last two weeks I have been very disappointed with bus line. Buses have been very late especially on Mondays.Today is Wednesday 07/22/2015 and I arrived at the Palo Alto Transit stop #55003 only to fine that no bus came.I have been here for over an hour for a bus to arrive.I will not be using your service anymore.

  45. I ran to the stop in 90 degree weather, arrived 7 minutes early, only to have the DB pass me not once, but TWICE! I and another passenger have work commitments which we could not meet due to the poor customer service, lack of driver care, and poor bus design. Why are you running buses that stop picking up people??

  46. The buses take for ever to come and some of the drivers they have just need an attitude adjustment

  47. this is the second day this week our 4:32 bus has not shown up you are a terrible bus system you do not care about your customers I going to contact the BBB, and seven on your side and ask them to investigate this co.

  48. I was waiting for the last bus eastbound at the Palo Alto VA. I was standing outside in the dark and cold at 745, the bus never came by. I called db1 customer service and they said the bus driver drove by early. Let me tell you it was the last bus, so guess who was stuck in Palo Alto at night? Yes, me!! If a bus has a schedule why not be on time. There is no excuses when there is no traffic at night.i could understand a late bus but an early one??? 9/1/15


  50. If your going to complain you need to complain about something Dumbarton can fix . In a perfect world buses would always be on time but it’s not the drivers fault because some idiot can’t drive and gets into a accident on the bridge and now we are sitting into bumper to bumper traffic.

  51. There’s this one awesome driver who’s not only your most timely driver, but wears this super afro. He shows the utmost customer service skills, and he also greets people in different languages. And he’s really funny. He squashes potential problems with humor. And he really seems to like what he does for a living. Most of your drivers are pretty cool. But this one in particular is my favorite. I can’t remember his name to save my life right now. But he’s a really nice black guy with an afro.

  52. Some of these complaints are valid but seriously how can you blame the drivers for being late? It is the everyday commuter that doesn’t allow enough time to get to work and jumps into there car speeding to get to work on time and causes a accident. Traffic is traffic if you drive your car your not going to get to work any faster. You should allow enough time to get to work and leave your self plenty of time just in case there is a accident or some stupid construction going on

  53. The 808 bus this evening was passing cars on the right to bypass traffic on Willow. They were not pulling over for bus stops. This is dangerous.

  54. Was waiting on the db monday 10/05/15 on the corner of willow and newbridge and the bus came flying up willow with no intention on stopping,myself and the other two guys at the stop had too wave and scream to make him stop…your drivers are really terrible most of the time

  55. You whiners are disturbing. Do you think public transit is your personal servant? These bus drivers have to put up with traffic, the hot and cold conditions, crazy drivers, strict time points with following traffic laws and worst of all, rude passengers who want everything for nothing. You cheat on fares, complain about everything and LIE…try doing what bus drivers do, just once. I wish they could all come to your job and mess with you. Pick up 45 rude snotty people, load a wheelchair get stopped at every red light, sit in commuter traffic and annoying road construction…then get all 45 people to their destination safely.
    If it’s so bad, buy a freaking car and drive your own cry baby selfs to where you are going instead of messing and verbally abusing people and their difficult jobs. Hey crazy lady, call the BBB and the news, that would be hilarious to see you make a fool of yourself!
    Yes, buses run late. Every bus service does in the whole USA, hell even planes do. Do you bash them online? It’s a fact of life. Trains dont, no traffic and weather or roads to deal with.
    Find out facts, stop lying that a bus just blew right by you while you were exactly at the bus stop, thats crap. Stop bashing huma beings and try to understand just what they haveto put up with. Do something more construtive then hurt others.
    Unless of course all you people are honest PERFECT people?

  56. 10/13/15. 7:06pm bus from Stanford Oval to Union city never came again at Standord parking lot!! 7:31pm bus on time. 7:06pm bus always missing recently. I’ll keep track on this site from now on. Can DB management do something about it? I understand traffic sometimes make it harder, but late for 30 mins or not show at all?? Does that normal?

  57. I’ve ridden on Dumbarton Express many times. And despite all the negativity I see on here, “MY” personal experience with Dumbarton Express has been nothing short of Phenomenal. Your buses are comfortable, Drivers are nice. Though your buses are not always on time, that’s usually because of heavy traffic. Most of your DrIvers are pretty laid back, and a couple of them, are actually pretty funny. They need to have a sense of humor, for all that they deal with.

  58. turned out there was an incident on early DB and canceled. That affected 7:26am to delay for 30 min. She is skipping her breakfast to catch up. Sorry about that and thank you for doing that.

  59. Why is the DB the worst service? Why does the buses before the lunch break never show up? It’s one thing to be late but a whole different thing to just not show up. Ok correction it showed up 10 mins late.

  60. Your bus drivers are the worst!! I’m not from around the area and am completely reliant on your public transportation service. They missed me at stop ID 57761 twice at 8:45 abs 9:00 am on Tuesday, December 22nd 2015. Do they not see a person with a red backpack waiting at the stop sign?!! This is ridiculous! And it is raining. Your bus drivers are a disservice to the community.

  61. Kareem and Nelson
    Two lying idiots get a job and buy a car if you dont like it.
    Stop telling fibs. Buses come, maybe late but they come and the do not pass up people AT THE ACTUAL BUS STOP…


  63. These comments don’t show up on the desktop version of this site. A lot of people think this a form for private feedback. Its kind of funny to read all these rants. I think I know some of these riders.

  64. The DB that runs at 7:42 is always late. The bus driver drives really slow with no urgency or mindfulness of the schedule. This is the 3rd time I will be late to work due to this bus driver. I will have to start taking an earlier bus. If I get fired due to being late 3 times in a row this week 1/5, 1/6 and 1/7 – I will be very upset.

  65. There seems to be an ongoing issue with the 2:28 and 2:50 busses not showing up for their scheduled stops at Alvarado-Niles – Stop ID 55877. This happens several times a week while at least one “Sorry Out of Service” DB bus goes by. Today I have waited from 2pm to 3pm and neither of the busses arrived. Has there been a scheduling change? Why is this happening so frequently, as an only method of transit that goes from Alvarado Niles to Palo Alto Transit center, it’s unfortunate enough that it doesn’t run weekends, but when it’s not even reliable on weekdays, it’s simply frustrating and unacceptable.

  66. No bus showed up at 9:42 this morning, leaving everyone stranded at the Union City BART. Next bus due at 10:52 am, finally arrived at 11. Not the first time, and not acceptable. Having an entire bus just not run is ridiculous.

  67. Irina, learn the public transit system. Dont tell lies either. You were NOT THERE… The 2 scheduled buses both drive past these stops between 2:30 and 2:50. Why do people lie? Also, just an fyi. A bus that says “Out of service” is not a broke down bus, it means it doesnt pick up people until it gets over the bridge.
    So, everyday between 2:26 & 3:00 2 buses drive by there. Try being at the stop and you will get a ride maybe? Download an ap called NextBus and you will be proven wrong, every day…HA!

  68. One time, one frickin time is all is im asking for your bus to be on time. Why even have a schedule. Just tell riders to stand at the nearest station with a finger up their butt and wait till the next one comes. Its literally a fuckin joke. Been waiting since 4:02 for the 4:22 bus and 45 mins later 6 buses pass but not the DB.

  69. Why does the DB1 5 o’clock service don’t wait in the line to get on the ramp on Oregon Express like everyone else instead ride in the only Lan to get on 101 S. The bus seems to always jump in front of me. I wait in the long line. Yet this big bus rides on the side and jumps in front of everyone ….what the heck!
    I’m going to report this to the police. It’s not right and needs to stop.

  70. Anonymous must be a disgruntled bus driver chiming in since they seem to know everything about every bus stop, way to be a coward, maybe if you spent less time on message boards and more time Doing your job people wouldn’t be left behind at stops and busses would come as scheduled. Do your job or get a new one!

  71. the bus schedule cearly said it will leave at 7:04 it came at 7 and I was walking to the bus stop and I waved and he didn’t bother stopping . Every disappointed!

  72. DB 7:26am @palo alto station to Union city no show? one just skipped Palo Alto station @7:40????

  73. The db1 still has this driver after complaints in the 100’s time to call the news channel!!

  74. DB to Union City skipped Palo Alto again just now. I understand it is difficult to keep schedule with traffic but please do not skip stops. I need to wait another 50 minutes till next bus comes.

  75. I’ve been standing at the Palo Alto station since 425pm and two DB buses have past us. Not one stopped to pick us up for the 4:45pm. This is unacceptable.

  76. DB driver for 7:30 am departure from U C BART for Stanford on Thursdays always leave late. Today 3/24/16 we left at 7:35 am. I have to connect to Samtrans 296 to make it to work by 8:30 am. And it seems like every week he leaves later and later. Why have a schedule?

  77. Today and last week your DB1 bus drivers passed up the Decoto and Meyers stop with myself and others even when the driver is being flagged down. This occurred last week with a black female driver that leaves UC bart at 655am last week and today a black driver who leaves UC Bart at 715am. I am a black man myself so not race issue. I rely on this bus to get to work on a timely manner! All others bus lines AC transit and UC transit all stop at Decoto and Meyers when anyone is at this stop! Please have all bus drivers stop if there is someone there!!!!!

  78. Also FYI if this happens again I will have no choice to get the news media involved if you can’t instruct your drivers to stop when they are suppose to!!!!

  79. Numerous times the dumbarton express bus DB1 and 96002 cuts through willow giving us no choice but to let it cut. Bus driver is endangering the passengers lives that are in the bus and others in their personal car. This ALWAYS happen between rush hour traffic from 5-5:15pm Please take immediate actions to the drivers to ensure a better commute for everyone who is waiting patiently to go on the willow route.

  80. Good God you complainers are some disturbed, whining, lying mean ass riders. first off you’re all full of crap. Buses don’t just pass you up as you wave them down, UNLESS the sign reads out of service. They DONT…Yes whiners, buses run late every day every business company. Do you look at the road construction or traffic once you get on the bus, obviously not. You (ESPECIALLY THE STAFFORD GODS) think they are just here to be your servants. When will you start asking for meals and have them take you to your homes? Do you expect them to fly over all three traffic like a spacecraft?
    Riders LIE, TREAT DRIVERS LIKE SHOT, CHEAT ON FARES…YEP, YOU SO CALLED PROFESSIONALS LIE AND CHEAT ON YOUR FARES…YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING. AND THEN, THE BEST PART IS “I’M GONNA CALL THE NEWS, THEY WILL TEACH YOU”. WTF, really…the News is going to fix everything. You better call them on AC-Transit, VTA, Margueritte, SamTrans basically every bus company out there. Why not just buy a damn car and get your sorry lying butts to work yourself.
    Do you people get up in the morning and plan on ruining a driver’s day. Look at what they put up with. Earlier mornings than you, your bitching and moaning, lies, wheelchairs, red lights, heavy traffic, road construction just to start, yet get you to work safely. I wish drivers of every bus company can drop you off then follow you in and harass you. But, from reading these comments I guess that can’t happen because you’re all PERFECT. And sorry there other anonymous…not a passed off driver here, just a seasoned public transit rider whose sick of all you liers. Stop BS-ing and trying to ruin people’s careers and concentrate on something positive.

  81. Well said anonymous, those professionals even eat in the bus pee in the bus and if given a chance they’ll shit inside. Just don’t understand how these nasty people get job at Stanford

  82. DB to Union city just went through Palo Alto station without stopping, the sign show as to Stanford Oval but according to and it head to east. please I cannot say enough but please stop at a bus stop. now next perfection for another hour. I get paid by working but not standing at a bus stop. thank you.

  83. As a frequent rider I noticed this Stanford hospital employee, a lady in her maroon uniform just left her garbage on the sit, may be the driver will clean it up for her.

  84. Can Dumbarton express for once change this slow driver. I have called so many times spoken Jerad guy but it seems like this driver will never learn to drive at least on his speed limits. Yesterday was my third day getting late at work, how could you even hire a person who does not have basic knowledge in English language, I asked him if he could at least drive in his speed limit but his response was in some unknown language, that explains a lot on standard of service provided by this DB.

  85. Wow wow wow….new buses and new rules. So the passengers can no more eat or drink in these buses, since when did this come into effect?
    Can the management tell those Indian drivers how we treat passengers and what customer service means. This dude just told a passanger to put away her Apple that she was enjoying.
    Go get a life driver, you don’t own the bus you driving, you are just another immigrant working with minimum wage so don’t try to show us your nasty Indian attitude.

  86. Jamain Bround
    Get a clue simpleton. You are not allowed to eat or drink on ANY BUSINESS ANY CITY. Only bottled drinks with caps

  87. J Jones…drivers operate safe, not speedy for you. Drive your own car if you have one.
    3 weeks ago 2 females witnessed a male Stanford employee peeing on the DB.

  88. The DB evening driver Eastbound is awful. He pumps the breaks at EVERY turn, cannot maneuver the bus around the Palo Alto streets. Once he slammed the bus into the curve while driving straight. Each evening he comes at a different time within a 30 minute window. One night he was SO behind we were passed by both a DB and another DB1. I know Bay Area traffic is horrible but there has to be a way to be more punctual/consistent.

  89. To DB, why not go and drive a bus yourself and find out how easy it is to be on time. If the driver hit the side walk it’s his problem and Dumbarton express, problem. Stop complaining like a little girl who lost her candy.

  90. Today, in bus 207 that departed from VA Palo Alto to the Union City BART, the Mexican American man that drives takes an alternate route down a residential neighborhood road instead of getting onto 101 North like all the other drivers. The bus consistent try arrives at Union City BART after 5:30pm which is later than most drivers. Can you have him stick to the normal route so we can arrive to Union City BART earlier?

  91. Instead of being a passenger that constantly bitches, moans, and groans let’s look at why everyone is stuck in traffic and running late . We can all thank wonderful Facebook they should rename the company (fuck us) . Then instead of talking shit about the DBX drivers lets shift the blame where it needs to go . Thank you AC Transit if you weren’t such tight asses and paid the DBX drivers a competitive wage maybe they wouldnt .have such inexperienced drivers .

    Stop talking shit about the DBX drivers and shift the blame where it needs to go Facebook and wonderful AC Transit

  92. Instead of being a passenger that constantly bitches, moans, and groans let’s look at why everyone is stuck in traffic and running late . We can all thank wonderful Facebook they should rename the company (fuck us) . Then instead of talking shit about the DBX drivers lets shift the blame where it needs to go . Thank you AC Transit if you weren’t such tight asses and paid the DBX drivers a competitive wage maybe they wouldnt .have such inexperienced drivers .

    Stop talking shit about the DBX drivers and shift the blame where it needs to go Facebook and wonderful AC Transit

  93. Thank you for getting the new buses on the road finally. Can I respectfully mention a few things concerning them.
    #203 has super squeaky breaks
    #207 has a loud rattle coming from the vent at the very back of the bus. Like a loud chirping bird when the bus is idling.
    Lastly, is there a cleaning schedule for the fleet? The floors are dirty and the longer they are neglected the more you will start getting complaints about the filth, as you received about the prior buses.

    Thanks for listening. Thanks for the bus ride.

  94. Debra, if only like you all passengers stop eating and drinking in the bus we will have a much cleaner buses to ride. We as drivers advice people to follow the rules but we have some fools working in hospitals and university that fail to understand, by the way answering you question….no we do not have any schedule cleaning of the buses until the driver decides it’s needed and cleans himself/herself.

  95. The db1 has become very crowded. It is no longer more comfortable than driving. I’ve noticed that all of the trips from union city in the morning before the 8:38 bus are jam packed and people have to stand. It should not be this expensive to stand on a bus to go across bay.

  96. The DB has not shown up at Palo Alto transit center for both the scheduled time of 5:49 pm and 6:21 pm. This has happened at least the second time for this week.

  97. At 425 pm the driver for db1 recklessly forced his bus into traffic almost causing an accident. He was divining bus # 215.

  98. I’m not even gonna lie. I’m actually a driver. And some of you are just some lying muthafuckas. I’m literally laughing hystericallyat the bullshit you people post. Because some of y’all are just SHAMELESSLY, STUNNINGLY, and EMBARASSINGLY full of shit. And I would really love to catch the son of a bitch that thinks its okay to leave a shitload of SUNFLOWER SEEDS in and around the very last seat in the back of my bus. On the right side. And as for you morons who think you can just talk to us drivers any kind of way, and then expect us to be like “YES SIR/MA’AM” “NO SIR/MA’AM”, you’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? Hell to the naw, muthafuckas! We’re going to give you exactly what you give us. Now, while a few of you might have some legitimate gripes, you notify lying and exaggerating hella shit. And let me tell you stupid motherfuckas something once and for all. Quit talking to us under the delusion that you can get us fired. Because you can’t. Nobody has that kind of power. Just stop that shit and get over yourselves. Don’t none of us drivers give two shits about who you know. That is totally irrelevant. How does it feel to eat crow after you didn’t complain about a driver and there he is the next morning smiling at you as knowing that you try to get him fired? The taste of crow is some bitter as shit ain’t it?

  99. Your buss 201 is flashing “Help! Call 911” but yet there is nothing wrong.

    What is going on???? This is very bad messaging. I have a video if you need it.

  100. Just wondering while your 511 predictions for the stop at Coleman and Willow road in Menlo Park has been out of service for the past month?

  101. Praise the Lord hes gone. That bastard in 215 just made it safe for everyone on the road. I feel sorry for wherever he went. Hopefully out of state, or better yet PRISON


  103. Waited at the willow & Gilbert stop for the 904 bus (got there 5 min early) and it never came so I got an uber.

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