Line DB1 Schedule

Effective December 17, 2012.

Mondays through Fridays except holidays
To Stanford Research Park
Union City BART Ardenwood Park & Ride Page Mill Rd. & El Camino Real Veterans Hospital, Palo Alto 3475 Deer Creek Rd.
5:26a 5:37a 6:02a 6:13a 6:21a
5:43a 5:54a 6:19a 6:30a 6:38a
6:07a 6:20a 6:45a 6:56a 7:04a
6:26a 6:39a 7:07a 7:18a 7:26a
6:52a 7:07a 7:35a 7:46a 7:54a
7:15a 7:30a 8:04a 8:15a 8:23a
7:36a 7:51a 8:25a 8:37a 8:47a
8:02a 8:17a 8:51a 9:01a 9:11a
8:23a 8:38a 9:12a 9:24a 9:34a
8:38a 8:53a 9:25a 9:35a 9:45a
1:35p 1:45p 2:13p 2:25p
2:45p 2:55p 3:23p 3:35p
3:25p 3:35p 4:03p 4:14p
3:52p 4:02p 4:30p 4:41p
4:13p 4:28p 4:56p 5:03p
4:33p 4:48p 5:16p 5:23p
4:57p 5:12p 5:40p 5:47p
5:21p 5:36p 6:04p 6:11p
5:45p 6:00p 6:28p 6:35p
6:08p 6:23p 6:51p 6:58p
6:31p 6:46p 7:14p 7:21p
6:51p 7:06p 7:32p 7:39p
Mondays through Fridays except holidays
To Union City BART
3475 Deer Creek Rd. Veterans Hospital, Palo Alto Page Mill Rd. & El Camino Real Ardenwood Park & Ride Union City BART
6:27a 6:35a 7:00a 7:11a
6:44a 6:52a 7:17a 7:28a
7:10a 7:18a 7:43a 7:55a
7:32a 7:40a 8:05a 8:17a
8:00a 8:09a 8:37a 8:50a
8:29a 8:38a 9:06a 9:19a
8:53a 9:02a 9:30a 9:43a
2:40p 2:48p 2:54p 3:22p 3:39p
3:00p 3:08p 3:14p 3:42p 3:59p
3:20p 3:28p 3:34p 4:06p 4:23p
3:40p 3:52p 3:58p 4:30p 4:47p
4:00p 4:12p 4:18p 4:50p 5:07p
4:20p 4:32p 4:38p 5:10p 5:33p
4:40p 4:52p 4:58p 5:30p 5:48p
5:00p 5:12p 5:18p 5:43p 6:01p
5:20p 5:32p 5:38p 6:15p 6:33p
5:40p 5:52p 5:58p 6:31p 6:47p
6:00p 6:12p 6:18p 6:49p 7:05p
6:21p 6:28p 6:34p 7:04p 7:20p
6:42p 6:49p 6:55p 7:20p 7:38p
7:04p 7:11p 7:17p 7:41p 7:55p
7:30p 7:37p 7:43p 8:07p 8:21p
7:50p 7:57p 8:03p 8:29p 8:43p

After crossing the bridge arrival times may vary due to traffic conditions.

After crossing the bridge traveling eastbound, buses may leave the Newark Blvd. time point early if traffic allows.