About the Service

The Dumbarton Express service consists of two bus lines, the DB and DB1. It is administered and governed by AC Transit, with oversight by the Dumbarton Bridge Regional Operations Consortium (DBROC), comprised of AC Transit, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), BART, SamTrans, and Union City Transit. Operated and maintained by MV Transportation, the Dumbarton Express is funded by Regional Measure 2.

Current Fares

Click here for current fares on the Dumbarton Express.

DBX_96002_001 cropped
Bus Features
In addition to free wi-fi, Dumbarton Express buses are equipped with passenger lifts or ramps (for wheelchair/mobility aid users, or anyone who has trouble climbing steps).

Local Service Areas
In the East Bay, local service is offered along the entire route between the Union City BART station and the Ardenwood Park & Ride Lot. On the Peninsula, local service is provided along the entire route between Stanford Research Park and Hamilton/Willow Rd.

Weekday-Only Service
The Dumbarton Express does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays. During the week, service on both lines is from approximately 5:30  a.m. to 8:45 p.m. with buses about every 20 minutes during peak travel periods. Check the DB schedule or the DB1 schedule for exact times.

The service does not run on the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

34 thoughts on “About the Service

  1. This bus exists for the riders. If a BART train is arriving at the station and it is 8:01, the bus should wait for the riders from BART instead of pulling out on the stroke of 8:02. This happened two days in a row. These buses can easily make up a minute en route. Leaving several riders to wait 20 mins for the next one when in actuality, they would have made the bus if it had waited for the stroke of 8:03, is frustrating for us who are taking this bus. The last bus, 8:38, should also wait until the stroke of 8:39. I will also call the Stanford transportation dept w this complaint.

  2. Today I’m heading to the Stanford oval for the DB and was surprised that the bus was taking off at 3:52pm rather than 3:54pm. I have been catching this bus since the December change. I ask thank the bus driver for waiting as I ran to catch it and asked”the bus no longer departs the Oval at 3:54pm?” His was reply was “No the schedule chane it’s 3:52pm now.” So I puzzled, I check the DB website, the paper schedule and the Stanford transportation site. And I do t see anything that supports the schedule change. I’m very concern has a passenger who is dependent on public transportation. If there has been a change the communication needs to be better. If there has not been a schedule change please talk to your bus driver of Bus 96004 on 01/31/13. I would like some type of response back. Thank you!

  3. DB left Stanford Oval today Friday February 1st 2013 at 4:33pm! It is scheduled to leave at 4:37pm! I was almost at the bus stop and the bus driver drove away! Please ensure that bus drivers leave on the appropriate designated time a listed on the bus schedule.


  4. Arrived at Stanford Oval at 303pm…Bus #96003 (license 8U83618) had engine running for 20+ minutes. No sign of 305pm departure bus from Stanford Oval. Bus #161 just arrived…and has now left again. Because 305pm bus was a no-show or no-go, the bus is completely full leading up to PA Caltrain. Very unfortunate that 305pm is not on-time or on NextBus grid.

  5. I waited an hour hr for my bus in Palo Alto the last 2 weeks, the bus was to be at my stop at 7:15, the DB2, showed an hr late. I would appreciate you guys tell us that you change your schedule on Fridays

  6. On Mar 26th, the 9:52 bus westbound to Palo Alto is NO SHOW at Union City Bart Station!!!

    You DON’T just cancel the bus without notifying or any ride alert!

    What a crap!

  7. You don’t just cancel one ride and let people wait for one fucking hour!
    8:52 bus is no show at union city Bart station!

  8. I have to say this is the least reliable bus service I have ever had to use. My morning ride to work is great, but it is always a gamble on the way home. I’m never sure if the drivers will be on time or if they will even stop where they are supposed to. When they do stop, I’m never sure of the treatment I will receive. I have complained and, each time, things may improve for a day or two, but then it’s right back to normal. I wish there were some other way for me to get where I need to go. I would gladly use it.

  9. I arrived at the Bart station stop on Tuesday, June 11th at 5:18pm. Although I was almost 5 minutes early, the dumbarton express 1 line was no where to be found. After calling #511, I learned that it had already left. I rely on the schedules and would appreciate it if the busses remained on schedule. Thank you very much.

  10. Bus number 10 departing VA Palo Alto @ 3:28 pm. The driver is unprofessional, he spoke loudly to the trainee in his native tounge a majority of the ride and according to law employees are not to speak their native tounge unless the job requests for bilingual. He paid very little attention to the road and for the first 15 minutes of the ride he had the heat on. Finally when other passengers complained he turned on the air and focused on the road. I usually like riding the bus but today made me very nervous and scared.

  11. So I rode the DB bus today from Caltrain Station to Union City. I usually pay with my clipper card and this morning I paid with my clipper card so I know I still have 5 bucks in my card because it show your balance whenever you use your card. On my home, I scan my card and it beep twice and I know when it beep 2 different tone it’s a warning that you need to load your card for future use but the driver said when it beep twice you don’t have funds in your card and if it beep once your good to go! Please train your drivers, I mean other driver know it but it cost me almost 9 bucks. I just paid her AGAIN with cash because I don’t want to argue her.

  12. 7/17/13, the DB bus which departured at 0942 from Union city towards stanford oval was widely early than the schedule! On the schedule the bus should be leave Adenwood at 0956, but she leaved at 0951, 5 mins early. It should leave palo alto Caltrain at 1029, the bus leaves at 1018. 10 mins early than the schedule! Imagine those people depend on public transportation, they can’t catch the bus! Can somebody inquire that bus driver, why she was driving crazy fast, and off the schedule wild early? Hope it would not happened again! Pls respond to my email, I would like some respond. Thanks!

  13. The dumbarton express leaves EARLY from union city station. Stranding all of the passengers who get off the bart that arrives 1 minute before it takes off. This needs to be changed.

  14. License plate on bus is 1152588

    Female (overweight) bus driver driving rather badly on Deer Creek Road this morning at approx 9:05 a.m. between Arastradero and Page Mill roads in Palo Alto. I pulled out of Page Mill Pastures with plenty of room, she was way up the hill still, coming down towards Page Mill Riad, she didn’t bother trying to slow down at all to the speed limit, she drove up quickly behind me, tailgating me, and had to drive in the middle turn lane, almost alongside me as though she was going to try to pass me! Very reckless. Then, she stopped alongside me at the light so she could turn right on Page Mill, I was going to turn left, and we both visibly “yelled” at each other. Very poor performance representing your organization.

  15. Whoever the guy driver for the this morning was real rude to my kids they was standing at da door he closed it in there face and was gound to pull off on them til i got out of the car and my Daughter was like what but he looking at them the whole time.some of your drivers are just so rude if they some like there job then they need to find a new one.

  16. I take the Dumbarton Express db1 daily to work. The first rule of any public transportation should be reliability imho and db1 fails miserably. For example, db1 simply did not show up two times at the VA in Palo Alto where I work. This month, October, it no-showed 2 x. Per the drivers, the reasons presented were the bus mechanical problem and employees not showing up to work. There is also a particular driver whom us riders call “the maniac” whom ALWAYS drives wrecklessly, frequently yelling out at other drivers with insults and profanities, and almost caused accidents on several occasions. She is an accident waiting to happen, literally.

    My understanding is that many riders have called in and have complained to your managem7ent but was reportedly rebuffed.

    Let me make it clear that Dumbarton Express is a very poorly managed bus company. My message is this: if you cannot run it with minimal professionalism, get out of this business and leave it to someone who can.

    Mike Lee

  17. Seriously the bus for DB line today passed me…was in the 3rd lane like it didn’t even plan on stopping…now I’ll be late for work…awesome…

  18. How is it that the DB can charge patrons to ride buses that are leaking in at least a dozen areas on the inside??? This is not the first time this has happened!!!!! This is utter nonsense!!!!

  19. The DB eastbound bus headed towards Stanford university arrived at Ardenwood Park & Ride at 7:05am today.

    Everyone boarded and the bus closed the door and started to pull away. There was a girl who ran up to the bus right next to the door and yet the bus driver sill tried to drive away! And even said “she is about to run in front of the bus” when clearly the girl was on the side of the bus.

    For the year and a half that I’ve been taking DB, most of the drivers are nice enough to still let you board even if you’re not there right on time. Here, the driver didnt even turn around the Ardenwood lot yet! She just left the girl standing there and drove away. All of the passengers on board even asked why didn’t you let her board! The driver didnt say anything.

    Check your driver for April 2nd, 2014 DB scheduled bus driver from Union City Bart departure line at 6:52am.

    Dumbarton needs to reevaluate the attitudes and behaviors of drivers.

  20. When you use public transportation.itnsead of driving, riders depend on the bus being on time. There are 10 riders here at Uion City BART that are waiting for a bus that is over 20 minutes late. This is completely ridiculous!!!!

  21. Today, U was waiting for DB1 bus at Ardenwood Park and Ride and the bus that was supposed to be here at 7:51 didn’t show up. I had been waiting since 7:35 till 8:10. Then suddenly it showed up at 8:10. When I enquired the operator about the whereabout of the 7:51 bus, she very rudely replied, ” We are the 7:51 bus”.

    I think DB/DB1 are the worst managed routes of A/C transit. A lot of people living in EastBay and working in Palo Alto who are sensitive about global warming depend on these lines to go to work everyday. I sincerely request the management to take a look into the management of these routes and take appropriate action.

  22. DB your bus driver on 6/11/14 for the 6:55am departure from Union City towards Stanford (black woman driver) really needs to learn some common courteousy. She doesn’t park to the side of the stops and makes passengers get on the bus in the middle of the road. She’s also rude and one of the most unfriendly drivers. I’ve been taking DB everyday for year and a half and there has been more if not friendly but professional and courteous drivers. This is the same driver who pulled away without letting a passenger on the bus when the passenger was on time and te bus hasn’t even pulled away from the bus stop. DB your agency is a service provider of transportation to the commuters and exists for the passengers. Reevaluate your drivers and have them go through training, especially what it means to be service oriented and basic customer service needs of courteousy and professionalism.

  23. Can you please ask the driver to stop texting and driving. I am on the bus right now DB1 #163 at 9:22am on July 22, 2014 and the driver is constantly braking hard and causing the bus to jerk because she is constantly looking down at here phone. I have pictures and video to prove this and of something’s happens while I am on this bus you can expect a lawsuit.

    Paul L Miller

  24. The 7:30 pm westbound bus on 8/13/14 that hits the Menlo Park VA Medical Center didn’t even bother to stop. It slowed down on Willow, as to think about it, and just kept on going. There were four of us clearly waiting.

  25. Hi I would to give my thoughts about riding the DB to and from Stanford hospital. I commute from San Leandro and my employer encourages me to use public transportation, to be green! So I have been, although almost every day I we are late the bus driver arrives 10min late and then takes his time to depart! This is not good for me nore the rest of the people who ride to work. I feel something needs to be done. Either a new driver or a few minutes earlier. The bus I am on know is #165 west bound and has come late again! Not to mention last night on my way back there was no 7:30 pm bus and the 8 pm was also late. I did not get home till almost 10pm I get off at 7:25. Please help us all so we continue to ride public transportation or we will be forced to drive in order to avoid being punished at work for arriving late. Thank you Sam

  26. Bus left ten minutes early 😡left 6-7 people usual passengers waiting. Very frustrating db can not get there timing right!!!!

  27. 10/1 11:39am bus is a no show.. got here 25 minutes early too so there’s no way I missed it due to it arriving early. It just never showed up.. What the hell?? I had an interview I needed to get to and this was the only bus that could get me there!!

  28. DB is not on time per the schedule you have on your website nor the schedule you have at the bus stop. Have some pride in your craft and show up for the task at hand.

  29. I’m a everyday rider. When can we expect weekend Sevice over the bay. I would greatly appreciate it. I work over the weekends. Thanks 4 your service through the week & maybe the weekends soon. Let me know of changes to happen. Thanks again, Ray V.

  30. The same bus driver , middle aged black man , has been late for many times. Today he arrived at Ardenwood park and ride at 6:09am instead of 6:05am. For us going to work, every minute counts.I hope somebody do solve this big problem.

  31. REALLY Really scary this morning on bus 647. With the driver screaming at passengers about his pay and how this fleet is the oldest in the east bay. And arguing with a passenger about the time table.


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