New Fare Policy Changes Coming in July

AC Transit is getting ready to put into place a new fare policy on July 1 and changes to AC Transit’s fare policies apply to the Dumbarton Express (DBX) as well. The policy was adopted by the AC Transit Board of Directors this past December, following more than a year of development and public input. It’s designed to: speed boarding and help keep buses on schedule, provide greater convenience and value for customers, and encourage more customers to switch to Clipper.

Here are the basics of the new policy as it applies to the DBX:

  • Cash fares will stay the same (with new local discounts on Clipper)
  • Local bus-to-bus transfers within and between the DBX and AC Transit will be eliminated, both with cash and Clipper
  • Customers will pay full fare on each boarding or use a Day Pass, which will load automatically on Clipper or can be purchased at the farebox on AC Transit buses
  • The new Day Pass will give customers unlimited local rides all day on both AC Transit and Dumbarton Express
  • The price of the Local Adult 31-Day Pass will be reduced

See chart showing complete fare structure and pricing.

New Clipper Discounts & Added Convenience

Using Clipper will give customers the best deals under the new policy. Riders will save 10 cents on single local rides (5 cents for youth/senior/disabled) and the Local Adult 31-day Pass (available only on Clipper) will be reduced from $80 to $75. The free local-to-transbay transfer will apply only on Clipper. The local Day Pass activates automatically when fares equaling the Day Pass price have been deducted from DBX and/or AC Transit trips, always on the third ride.

No More Local Transfers between Dumbarton Express and AC Transit

Customers will no longer buy a 25-cent transfer to ride a second bus. Instead, they will pay the single cash fare on each boarding or show a paper Day Pass purchased on an AC Transit bus. Clipper passengers need only tag and Clipper will handle the rest.

Transferring between Dumbarton Express and Other (non-AC Transit) Operators

Cash-paying customers who typically use a paper transfer to board a VTA or Union City Transit bus will request an Inter-Agency Voucher (instead of a transfer) from their Dumbarton Express bus operator to show on the connecting bus.

Clipper users will continue to tag when boarding each bus, allowing Clipper to automatically calculate the appropriate transfer charge (or no charge).

The Dumbarton Express is overseen by a consortium of transit agencies (AC Transit, BART, SamTrans, Santa Clara VTA, and Union City Transit) with the contract administered by AC Transit.